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Soft Serve Innovation

Dairy Innovation, the developers and owners of Vida Longa, are world leaders in UHT dairy product development. The company designs and develops 21st century products in the dessert category, taking old-fashioned tastes and values into the next era. Products such as Vida Longa are the first of their kind in Africa. Dairy Innovation keeps ahead of international trends, flavours and world class quality through:

  • On-going research
  • High-tech facilities
  • Local and international strategic partners

Vida Longa UHT enhances product life from 9 days to 9 months, and improves product quality. It guarantees smooth texture and creamy taste, whilst eliminating harmful microbes.

World Class Food Safety Standards:

Our food safety programs is our guarantee that products manufactured by our factories have been produced under the strictest food safety programs which confroms to world class standards. Namely:

  • HACCP export certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 approved
  • FSSC 22000


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Soft Serve Innovation