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Soft Serve Supply: Premium supplier of soft serve ingredients
Soft Serve Supply: Premium supplier of soft serve ingredients

Soft Serve Supply: Premium supplier of soft serve ingredients!

Soft Serve, Milkshake and Ice Cream Supply

Dairy Innovation is a leader in the development and supply of innovative dairy desserts for the catering, independent and fast food industries of the 21st century.

Specializing in Ultra High Treatment (UHT) products, Dairy Innovation enhances its product shelf life and improves quality, whilst maintaining all the natural goodness.

With 60 years of experience packed into products with 9 months shelf life, these ice cream gurus are taking old-fashioned tastes and values into the next era. Allowing for UHT such as soft serve, milkshakes and ice cream.


To be the global leader in innovative products and preferred supplier in providing the best ice cream and dessert experiences.


Dairy Innovation is dedicated in providing high quality, innovative and memorable soft serve, and other long-life products. Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Dairy Innovation’s long-standing reputation. We strive to continually improve our business partnerships to maximize profitability for all parties involved as we challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and use our knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence to the best of our ability.

Where do you get your soft serve supply? Is it ready to use and does it have a 9 month shelf life?

Vida Longa is the unique and special long life soft serve of Dairy Innovation. The soft serve requires no refrigeration, no mixing, is in liquid form and ready to use in a soft serve machine. Vida Longa is the first of it’s kind and has made Dairy innovation a worldwide leader and supplier of soft serve and soft serve ingredients.

The combination of decades of experience in the industry, state of the art technology, and a sense of passion and innovation – has allowed Dairy innovation to manufacture a quality aseptic soft serve that simplifies and improves use, logistics and distribution.

This is why Dairy innovation is a leader in food and beverage in both South Africa and Global forefront. The product benefits have allowed easy distribution and export of soft serve, milkshakes and other related UHT products and have opened up opportunity for new countries and businesses worldwide.

The passion for long life innovation dairy dessert products and long term customer relationships continue to drive Dairy Innovation to innovate, create and supply.


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Soft Serve Supply: Premium supplier of soft serve ingredients